Bülow Industries was founded in 2003 as an independent partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs, management consultants, investment bankers and private equity professionals

Bülow Industries focuses on companies with significant potential to improve their performance (“hidden champions”)

Advisory: We offer “transaction-based” advisory services, i.e. we get involved when changes in the shareholder structure have to be mastered by owners or investors from a business management point of view.

Brokerage: Bülow Industries serves as an honest broker for small transactions.

Investments: Bülow Industries offers entrepreneurial equity to hidden champions (e.g. growth capital, turnaround investment, buy-out/in).

Business principles

We are energetic and results driven.

We only staff senior people with a hands-on mentality.

We deliver insight through close collaboration with our clients.

We operate on a “client first” basis and avoid any conflicts of interest.

We benchmark our activities against the “profit-to-sleep-ratio” of every stakeholder involved in our assignment.