Disposal: You are ready to sell your company to a reliable, financially strong buyer who will protect your company’s reputation

Acquisition: As (i) a market player you either want to strengthen your core business or contribute to its diversification or (ii) as a successful manager you intend to prove your entrepreneurial skills in a management-buy-in

Equity investment: You intend to strengthen your equity base in order (i) to foster your growth, (ii) to gather input from specialised investors, (iii) to protect yourself in a downturn scenario


Transparent fee structure

  • We take care of our own expenses because we are independent and we mean it
  • We only earn a return if we have made an positive impact to the completion of the transaction
  • Our success fees vary in line with common market standards (between 1.5 – 5 % of transaction value)

Regional contact + international reach

  • We initiate transactions following an industrial logic or with which buyers and sellers are individually and jointly better off, nationally and internationally
  • We have the necessary proximity to the transaction to help ensure that buyer and seller have the same level of information, make well-informed decisions and come to an agreement
  • On request, we assist in finding the right transaction financing.


As a dual broker, we represent neither party as an agent, but facilitate the transaction and therefore ask for the confidence of both parties.

Our experience as investors enables us to maximize the probability of a successful transaction.

Timing is an important success factor and we would rather refrain from a “brokerage” business opportunity than approaching our valuable client base at the wrong moment.

To clearly separate our business lines we only offer our “brokerage” services for small deals (EV < EUR 10m), wheras larger transactions on behalf of a single party are covered by our “advisory” offer.