Sustainable profit improvement (“strategy consulting”)

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of acquisition targets from an investors´ perspective (“commercial due diligence”)

Advice on restructuring the corporate liabilities, raising debt capital and hybrid forms of financing for acquisitions and organic growth (“debt advisory”)

Sell a business on behalf of an investor/owner (“sell-side M&A”)

Support the divestment and independent reestablishment of part of an existing organisation including business planning, funding, operational disintegration (“carve-out management“)

Make the “fit” work between a new daughter company and the given buyer organization (“post-merger integration”)

Identification and confidential approach as well as “quick check” of companies that meet the acquisition criteria of investors (“buy-side M&A”)

Identify an attractive and fragmented market, execute a number of acquisitions and assess cost and sales synergies (“buy-and-build execution”)

Drafting of the equity story, development of financial planning based on market opportunities and go-to-market costs, company valuation, structuring of capital measures with suitable financial instruments (“fund raising”)


Project Assignment Options

  • Single expert or a team of complementary experts
  • Retainer or time & material
  • Success fees required (e.g. as % transaction volume)

Interim Management

  • On boarding as e.g. CRO/CFO/CEO/active chairman
  • Management fee
  • Success fee (e.g. as % of EBITDA increase)


The client strictly comes first.

We do not avoid any effort and always act honest and traceable to build a long-term partnership on mutual trust and discretion.

We are effective and efficient.